1. Is the EU-People recruiting only for the Dutch market?

Yes, we supply the Dutch market.

2. What documents do I need to start work in the Netherlands?

  • Valid and not damaged identity card or passport
  • The BSN number (Sofi)
  • Bank account Polish or Dutch in PLN / EURO
  • Valid and not damaged driver's license
  • Additionally it may be required: certificate of good conduct,
  • certificates, references

    3. How long does it take to start a job after the registration?

    After registration, the waiting time for work depends on the experience of the candidate and current job offers, so the length of this period can vary from one day up to several weeks.

    4. What is the BSN number (Sofi)?

    BSN (Sofi) is a unique personal number vested to people coming to the Netherlands in order to work, it is obtained during the registration at the Dutch office of the municipality.

    5. Do I need to have BSN (Sofi) before starting work with EU PEOPLE ?

    Yes, the BSN number (Sofi) is required prior to departure.

    6. Do I need to pay the agency for organizing work for me ?

    No. EU-People does not charge any fees for job placement.

    7. Will the Agency organize a transportation for me to go to Netherlands ?

    No. The candidate must organize transport on his own

    8. Is there an opportunity to start working in a couple or group of a few people?

    Yes, there is an opportunity to go in a couple, or even a group depending on the current offers and experience of the candidates.

    9. Do I need to pay for agency accommodation ?

    Yes, every employee using our accommodation needs to pay for it – the amount is deducted from weekly payment.

    10. Where do EU People employees live ?

    We offer a fully equipped, comfortable houses, and bungalow houses with higher standard.

    11. In which language the contract in Netherlands is signed?

    The agreement is signed in Polish and Dutch.

    12. What should I take to the Netherlands?

    Any person leaving to work in the Netherlands must take:

  • Documents (valid and not damaged)
  • Bed linen (duvets / sleeping bag, pillow and pillow cases on the bed linen)
  • Working boots type / class S3 (these are the shoes with additional features)
  • ATM Card
  • Cash for the first 2 weeks
  • 13. How do I receive my payments?

    The salary is paid every week, in the form of transfer to a designated bank account.

    14. When will I receive the first payment?

    The payment is obtained every week. The first transfer employee gets at the end of the second week.

    15. Since when employee is insured and what does the insurance include?

    The insurance starts from the moment of signing the Dutch agreement and includes the first contact with a doctor in the Netherlands. In addition it covers emergency dental care to a maximum of € 200 per year.

    16.Will I work legally with EU People ?

    Yes , EU-People is legally operating employment agency .

    17. What is Jaaropgaaf?

    This is a document issued by the employer with information about the income and paid withholding income tax, social and health insurance. It is sent at the end of the fiscal year on the email address indicated by the employee during the recruitment process.