Why are we good

While looking for a job with us You can be SURE that experienced and professional recruiter will take care for Your application. He will explain all inconsistencies, and answer all Your questions. We will not leave You on Your own.

EU PEOPLE POLSKA has received a “ Rzetelna Firma “ certificate – which testifies to our credibility, integrity, and confirms the positive image of our agency

Housing & Transport

To our employees disposal we offer a fully equipped, comfortable houses , and high standard bungalow homes, mostly with two-people rooms.

Living on our accommodation You will find everything that’s needed for daily living. Fully furnished homes make our employees feel very freely and comfy– what has a positive impact on how the job is done by them.

We make efforts to set it close to companies so the road to work wouldn’t be a problem by using any mean of transport – private or ours.

For Your use we are delivering new and comfortable buses – which will help You to get to work place quickly and safely.