We are your Trusted Recruiters, but who are "we"

We can call us Your trusted recruiters also thanks to certificates we have.

Below we present Certificate on the registration of the entity in the register of entities running employment agencies ( number 60094)

Choosing to work by our agency You can be sure that offering You a job abroad we act legally keeping highest standards of professionalism.

Additionally EU-PEOPLE is a member of All-Polish convention of labour agencies (OKAP) which is non-profit organization with a mission making positive image of whole branch by watching righteousness of its entities.

Also our accommodations comply with conditions set up by the SNF (Stichting Normering Flexwonen) housing standards for migrant workers.

Obtaining SNF certificate obliges us to keep living places at good standards which is a subject of audit once a year.

Finally, we’re a member of Dutch organization called NBBU – a collective agreement of entities at temporary employment agency sector. It’s members fulfil requirements